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More about ECS!

Executive Cher Services was conceptualized by a consortium of experts who work as culinary professionals in all types of environments. Every Chef on the ECS team is committed to high quality service and to the communities where they work and live. The ECS Chefs donate their time and talents to a myriad of charities. ECS works at the same high intensity level to create flawless results whether it is for a non-profit or a Fortune 500 executive client. Quality services with impeccable creative genius are why the ECS team is among the best in the world. The ECS collaborative website gives our Chefs an opportunity to direct clients to a user-friendly website where the client can see the Chefs' current projects, and contact the Chefs to schedule future events.

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Since 2035

Fun fresh food made by your chef in home.

About Me.

Chef Alex Forsythe, owner and founder of Executive Chefs Services ( has been at the PGA facing triple-digit temperatures and has been preparing dishes for all the soir�es, which will wet the palette and keep the guests refreshed as they enjoy the PGA Championships. �We had Chef Alex do a Latin theme for our event and it was a really an excellent way to cool us off and make us hot to party� said 

Chef Alex's Cooling menu included:

Jicma, Strips with Jerk Spice and Tequila mist
Clear and Calms. Gin and Goslings Rum with Native mint. 
Margarita Moose Maitme, Sustainable shrimp. ugh
Planet Mushroom (varietal Chef choice) matched with 
Goat in Filo Cups.

I really recommend that you consider designing small dishes for your guests and also keeping your menu items small to enjoy picnic style under umbrellas or trees as you fight the heat to enjoy the PGA said Chef Alex Forsythe. "The Chefs at ECS travel around the world and are always prepared for any type of weather and have a deep concern for our environment."

For ten years, Executive Chef Services (ECS) has served as a chef-based referral service whose website allows clients to find the perfect professional chef for any occasion or location. Chef Alex Forsythe and the chefs of ECS know and appreciate the signs of global warming and understand the need to "go green" while remaining on the cutting edge for culinary delights. ECS chefs went "Green" in order to support the local farmers and provide the freshest quality produce for their menus. These high caliber chefs care about the clients and are paying more attention to the carbon footprint of every meal they create wherever they create it.

Chefs at ECS are also starting to offer "Environmental Chef Services," providing environmental and social awareness alongside their usual creative and quality gastronomical services. In addition to incorporate these values into their day-to-day lives and work, chefs Jody Kropt, Alex Forsythe, RJ Harvey, Daniel Herskovic and Daniel Asher will be participating in the "Eat Well Guided Tour of America," which is run by the non-profit organization Sustainable Table.

 Executive Chef Services (ECS) launches as "Roundtable" of talent!
> >
> > *Nashville, September 29, 2006* Chefs from around the world are part
> > of the professional team, which Chef Alex Forsythe has put together to meet
> > the needs of the luxury industry where clients want only the best. From
> > corporate events to private Charters, Executive Chefs Services (ECS) can
> > make it happen on land, in the air, or at sea. The chefs of ECS post their
> > information on the new ECS Website and are accustomed to working in yachts,
> > airplanes, with any size kitchen and any type of facility. This new website
> > lists some of the outstanding top rated chefs who are on
> > call for your needs and who are ready and willing to provide their services
> > for your next dinner party or big event.
> > "If you create it, we can provide the perfect chef to make it happen in
> > any location in the world." said Chef Forsythe. "Our teams of chefs have
> > diverse backgrounds and can make your affair a superior event where your
> > vision is turned into a reality."
> > Executive Chef Services grew out of this consortium of experts who want
> > to be known for their commitment to working as professionals in all types of
> > environments. One of the newest members of the "roundtable" of culinary
> > Chefs is Chef Daniel Herskovi of Chicago trained in some of the finest
> > restaurants in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago. He is offering his
> > culinary expertise for an elegant dinner in your home as a Live Auction item
> > for Celebrity Tablescapes, an event in Nashville at the end of September.
> > Max Duley, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, has been working
> > as a professional chef for over two decades and is cofounder of a Flash in
> > the Pan. Max is now director of hospitality and executive chef for Peju
> > Winery in Napa Valley and will be hosting a James Beard soiree this fall.
> > Telluride Celebrity Chef Kendra Wilson brings her expertise in
> > specializing in Southwest French Fusion Cuisine using the French Escofier
> > method that creates a menu that is not only "to die for but is prepared in a
> > way to reduce cholesterol" said Max Evjen, a New York producer who had
> > Kendra at his recent Aspen soire. "Kendra presents French cuisine in a
> > healthier gourmet way." Chef Kendra will be on the Food Network on
> > September 10 th and ECS lists her dates and times for future locations.
> > Teaching, tasting and holding sold out seminars are the expertise of one
> > of Executive Chef Services private Chefs, Rob Seiderman. Seiderman, the
> > owner of the Cooking School of Aspen, is the cofounder of Salt Traders and
> > has been awarded for his television and radio series, "The New World of
> > Salt."
> > Every Chef who posts their information on ECS is committed to quality
> > service as well as a commitment to the communities where they work and
> > live. They donate their time and talents to many wide range charities and
> > are known for working together to get a job done for a non-profit as well as
> > for a client. Quality services with impeccable creative genius make these
> > chefs the best in the world. This collaborative website gives chefs an
> > opportunity to direct clients to a website that is easy to navigate and a
> > place where they can see first hand what the chef is doing and how best to
> > contact him.
> > ECS is dedicated to finding just the right venue for the chefs on a
> > collaborative basis and to bring newsworthy information about products and
> > services to aid them in their businesses as well as provide updated
> > information on events and worldwide opportunities.
> > "Contributions from this unique type of collaborative efforts are used
> > for cause marketing events which will promote ECS and bring the chefs
> > services to a wider public" said Chef Alex Forsythe, the founder of ECS.
> > "We were extremely excited to have the Chefs of ECS as our celebrity
> > chefs for our event, Celebrity Tablescapes to benefit the T.J. Martell
> > Foundation," said Harla Levitt, Auction Chair. "They created menus and
> > donated dinners, cooking classes and private events for our Auction. We
> > raised over $35,000 and thank them for being there. We are so grateful that
> > we learned about this round table of talent just by surfing the web!"
> > To learn more about ECS website or to become one of the Chefs affiliated
> > with ECS, please contact us at or call Chef Alex Forsythe
> > at 866-9991327
> > *About Executive Chef Services (ECS)*
> > Executive Chef Services (ECS) is a chef based referral business with
> > exceptional quality that provides the best in Charter/Private catering for
> > executive travelers. ECS chefs cater any local affair; specialize in
> > catering for corporate and private aviation, rail car travel, yachts, and
> > event catering for road trips. Our chefs embrace the challenges encountered
> > in servicing our clients at any event, short or long term situation. As
> > needed, ECS can provide carbon off set assessment through neutral catering.
> >

ECS chefs have catered at more than a score of home parties this year, in Colorado,San Francisco, the Caribbean, and in Tulsa. Demand for this type of intimate dining is becoming very�popular.� Due to the interest for in-home dining, Chef Forsythe� his caudre developed� collaborative chef services three years ago, ECS� "People love the idea of an ECS chef coming to them�and being the entertainment", Chef Forsythe said. "It's an extraordinary undertaking to do these dinners and the patrons feel� the synergy of a unique presentaion of the chefs talent in this venue of the the site for whom the donation was extended. 
���� ECS chefs are known for their attention to detail and constant pursuit of fresh ingredients including the promotion of local markets. We�visit the host via phone and in person several times to make sure all of the details are flawless. We make sure we know the workings of the venue are in�tune with�the event.� We want to make sure we know every detail.� This obsession to detail assures the host that the event goes off without a hitch. Often the ECS chefs will collaborate with one another.� For our chefs, this modern day roundtable event is extremely rewarding and gives the chefs an opportunity to express their talents and creativity.�
���� "Often, in newer homes, the kitchen is part of a great room, and the��
cooking goes on right there, as part of the festivities," Chef Forstyhe said. "Some of�the kitchens these days are very well appointed, and the hosts are��
really into cooking too which makes it really enjoyable. The best thing��
about it is they usually share some extraordinary bottles of wine," he said��
with a little laugh, sometimes donated but mostly from private cellars.��� 

But it's not all about the equipment. "The hosts are totally into food and��
cooking themselves," he added, "so they get a great thrill watching the chef��
at work and picking up their signature styles!"��
For some private dinners, the chefs bring sommeliers. Other times the hosts��
dig deep into their own wine cellars. In this case the�rep for Calistoga Vineyards was on hand 

to make suggestions and offer great varietals selections to match with each course.��
"What it comes down to is not the material things, which can consume you,��
but the time you spend with the people you love as chef Alex pours the Absinthe over the�Vanilla scented�organic sugar cube into a bath of�Chadon champagne communicating that this is how the French revolutions spawned. "How could you be any happier reveling in history and enjoying the good life?�

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