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Consumer Perception is a Real Concern

Just over a month ago, the Department of Agriculture announced that it will allow American farmers to plant genetically engineered alfalfa, which is widely used as feed for dairy cows and horses.

Friday, Mar 02, 2012

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Jason Janiak







 Chef Jason and his elite crew will create Raw/Vegan cakes, tarts, cookies and other desserts, such as macaroons, brownies, etc...


Our focus is wholesale to Natural and Organic retailers, restaurants, and other venues interested in Raw and Organic products. Also, those looking for a marketplace for allergy restricted, and other special dietary products.

We can custom make desserts for special events, and occasions such as Anniversaries, Birthdays, Holidays, etc… Please let us know your plans, and we can see what can be done to accommodate.


Raw Creations was established in 2007, and adheres to the strictest standards, using only the finest Raw/Organic ingredients. The majority of our products are made with nuts such as Cashews/Walnuts, and natural sugars such as agave, and dates. Agave is generally more tolerable to those with sugar sensitivities, as well as those who are diabetic. All of our products are Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, and have No Added Sodium.

Additionally, Raw Creations focuses on sustainability by using environmentally friendly packaging such as those made from corn-based materials.

The research team at Raw Creations is always on the look out for new materials, and methods to provide the best tasting, and highest quality Raw desserts. Our goal is to offer you the purest ingredients and best tasting products.


Dr Goldberg Interview


 I met up with Kevin Gianni (Raw Summit, Rawkathon, Renegade Health Show)
this past weekend and am really excited to get the word out about his 7 Day Raw Food Challenge! 

You can expect to hear my interview with Kevin on tomorrow's episode
of Raw Vegan Radio and its a great one!  In the meantime, check
out Kevin's new program.  Are you having a hard time staying raw
or just want to try it out?  This program is fantastic and a great start
to getting you back on the path! 
>>The Raw Food Challenge 





Jason Janiak - President
Raw Creations, LLC



Chef James  " A meritage of Flavor for any vintage" Peter Mondovi

Geraldine Jones

Mondovi Winery, Peter