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Consumer Perception is a Real Concern

Just over a month ago, the Department of Agriculture announced that it will allow American farmers to plant genetically engineered alfalfa, which is widely used as feed for dairy cows and horses.

Friday, Mar 02, 2012

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the cooleset new app..


 ECS Chef Bryan AU RAW FOOD TV Show cohostess Jaimie Hilfiger went to Alicia Silverstone's booksigning event in Los Angeles. We filmed it for our TV SHOW and Alicia is actually one of the main people who taught me about RAW and really got me into it, I write about that in my RAW IN TEN MINUTES raw recipe book and thank her. In fact many years ago she took me to a special raw organic dinner in Hollywood and The Red Hot Chili Peppers was there dining with us too, it was RAWmazing. Alicia taught me a lot and I am so thankful and grateful for her friendship. Now many years later she has her own amazing recipe book, it has transitional vegan cooked foods and a few raw recipes she invented, it is a gorgeous book and I was so happy to reconnect with Alicia again she looked great, her book is amazing, her booksigning event was so much fun and in this photo we are having fun and laughing and she wrote me the sweetest message in the book. Alicia Silverstone YOU ARE SUPER AMAZING WE ALL LOVE YOU!!! She is such a super hero, activist and just an amazing super star.



The above is the new Eco Chef App Logo and Icon

I designed it myself and the Earth is the seed in the Avocado

my favorite all natural food! And it symbolizes how

with Eco Chef App Recipes we are planting the seeds of health,

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The Avocado is so refreshing, healthy and delicious

I use and recommend Avocados in many of my recipes

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For the first time Junk Food is perfectly combined with the Ultimate Health Food All Natural

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Raw Organic Chef Bryan Au is available for Lectures, Presentations, Demonstrations,

Book Signings, Interviews for TV/Magazines/Internet/Radio/Media, Product Endorsements and Licensing.


All the best,
Eco Chef Bryan Au
http://www.EcoChefTV.comPlease e-mail: rawbryan@hotmail.com



Chef Bryan Au has taught and lectured all around the World at: Sacramento, CA, Maryland, Los Angeles, New York. Tokyo, Japan and has been invited to and will be teaching in: Denmark, Australia, Seattle, New York, Florida, England, Scandanavia, Ireland, Chicago.




 The intention to create more Raw Organic Chef Leaders, Businesses, to empower more leaders & promote Global Health & Harmony.


Chef James  " A meritage of Flavor for any vintage" Peter Mondovi

Geraldine Jones

Mondovi Winery, Peter

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